Why We Walk 

By Marge David

We Walk…

  • For all those past, present and future who have lived with, are living with or will have to live with Alzheimer’s disease
  • For strength to carry on when the person we knew isn’t that same person anymore
  • For those newly diagnosed and those who will soon be diagnosed, that we can provide the information, resources support and hope as they face the challenges that Alzheimer’s disease presents
  • For memories gone and brilliance lost
  • For the loved ones who are living everyday with the effects of Alzheimer’s in their lives
  • For hope, discovery and love that is never lost
  • To relieve the sense of isolation, darkness, loneliness and depression that Alzheimer’s can bring to both those affected and their loved ones
  • To raise funds for research to discover new methods of detection, new treatments and new links to the disease
  • In unity to let those in the journey of Alzheimer’s know they are not alone
  • That our local and national legislators will continue to fight for the rights of those with Alzheimer’s 
  • For all of the volunteers participating in clinical trials
  • For those who have brought joy into our lives and now rely on us to return that joy to their lives
  • For all who walk with us, to let them know we do make a difference in the lives of those with Alzheimer’s
  • That future generations will think of Alzheimer’s as a disease of the past
  • For every minute there isn’t a new Alzheimer’s diagnosis 
  • For a better and quicker diagnosis of early onset Alzheimer’s 
  • To honor those lost during the pandemic and their families who could not be with them
  • For all the heroes caring for those living with Alzheimer’s, who try to normalize each day and make a difference in their lives
  • For the Alzheimer’s Association, a beacon in the darkness of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, so that it can continue its incredible work
  • To raise awareness and promote more education around Alzheimer’s
  • As a community to show our commitment to finding a cure and supporting those living with Alzheimer’s so they know they are not alone
  • We walk to End Alzheimer’s disease!

These are beautiful words from our longtime caregiver, Marge David. Marge has walked with our SHS Team every year and serves on the Walk Planning Committee. While the planned date for the annual Walk in Cambridge was September 27, this year’s walk is EVERYWHERE and we ask that you join our team in spirit or in person, and support our fundraising efforts. 

For those still looking to Walk and celebrate together with Team SHS, we invite you to join us at Millennium Park in West Roxbury this Sunday, September 27. We will provide lunch and gather at 12:30pm at the Picnic Area next to Field C (see here) and then walk together, creating our own Walk Day experience (with shorter and longer loops) around 1:15pm. 

Learn more about our team here and if you would like to join us Sunday, please email Lisa to RSVP (lisa@shsboston.com).