our Caregivers

At Seniors Helping Seniors, our personal touch is what distinguishes us from the rest. Each SHS caregiver is intimately connected with our organization, their community, and the clients that they serve. Because of our niche model of providing social-emotional care and companionship, we focus on getting to know each individual part of the SHS community. From their life experiences, to their hobbies and interests, we gain a holistic picture about our staff to best place them successfully with clients in their community.

Community building is a cornerstone of our agency. Through social events, to continuing education, to care planning meetings, our caregivers are supported by our agency office staff and their caregiver peers. The sense of community and family is felt by all, fostering long-term relationships with our employees, resulting in low-turnover, exceptional employee referrals, and a connectedness to our organization’s mission.

Within our organization, our caregivers are our biggest and most cherished asset. Their life experiences coupled with their passion and desire to help – makes us the leading provider of compassionate and relationship-based senior care.