Earlier this fall, we began partnering with Maria’s Place to provide our caregivers with monthly activity packets that include a variety of games and hobbies for our caregivers and clients to engage in together. From word scrambles to poetry to trivia, there’s truly something for everyone! These packets have been particularly helpful as we move into the colder, winter months when our visits are primarily indoors.

The mission of Maria’s Place is the belief that activity and life-long learning are the cornerstones for a fulfilling life. The team there is committed to guiding caregivers towards ways to engage fully with those they care for in a meaningful and heartfelt way, and this rings so true to the importance of the work we do at Seniors Helping Seniors, Greater Boston & Metrowest. We believe that learning, engagement and joy has no age limit and seek to enrich the lives of our caregivers and clients alike through compassionate interactions.

So far our caregivers have been loving the activity packets and client families, your loved ones may have even shared their joy in using them as well! The packets have included crafts, coloring, stories, recipes, quizzes, word games, relaxation pieces and even exercises, all geared towards social, mental and physical wellbeing. 

“I’ve been having so much fun with my clients using the activity packets! They give us a lot of new, creative games and puzzles to keep us engaged together.” – Carol

Introducing the activity packets from Maria’s Place is one of the many ways we’re continuing to grow in our services and think of new ways to engage with our clients, both new and old, as we enter into the New Year and beyond!

By Josh Obeiter