A simple, friendly gesture has many lasting impacts. We all have the power
to brighten the day of those around us through compassionate actions.
Celebrated at the end of August, National Be Kind to Humankind Week
encourages people of all ages to be nicer to one another and themselves.
There is no better time for our Seniors Helping Seniors® community to
spread kindness and experience the joy it brings. Read on to discover the
benefits of being nice!

Spark A Spirit Of Kindness

Simple yet heartfelt good deeds are at the foundation of the week’s
celebrations. Start by offering warm smiles to those you encounter. You’ll
give off an approachable impression that’ll boost your self-esteem.
You can also perform little gestures as an easy way to brighten someone’s
day. Try the following:

● Hold doors open for strangers
● Pay for the coffee of the person behind you in line
● Volunteer in the community
● Tell your friends, family members, or a caregiver you appreciate them
● Write a heartfelt thank-you note to someone who has made a
difference in your life

Don’t neglect to show yourself some love too! Whether that’s going to your
favorite bakery or taking a relaxing bubble bath – make time for self-care
and find ways to spark joy. Remember, even the most minor acts of kindness
can have a significant and lasting impact on others and yourself.

The Science Of Being Nice

Did you know, engaging in altruistic acts positively impacts mental well-
being and overall happiness? It’s true! Friendly gestures trigger the release of feel-good neurochemicals like oxytocin and dopamine. An uptick in these leads to an enhanced sense of contentment and satisfaction.

Make A Better Connection

Feelings of loneliness and isolation – common challenges for many of the
seniors we serve – can be decreased through good deeds as well. Showing
kindness can foster a sense of belonging and help you connect with those
around you.

Handle Challenges More Effectively

Additionally, being friendly and helping others is known to reduce stress and
anxiety. Being nice not only feels good but also enables you to cope better
with life’s ups and downs. You’ll be able to approach difficult situations with a
more positive outlook, which improves your ability to respond to life’s

Become A Better Companion

Finally, being nice promotes a sense of empathy and understanding. By
helping others, seniors can develop stronger social connections and support
systems, like those made through our in-home senior care services. Through
the practice of kindness, Seniors Helping Seniors® caregivers and clients
cultivate emotional strength, compassion, and an enduring sense of
fulfillment in one another’s lives.

The bottom line? National Be Kind to Humankind Week enables seniors to
embrace the power of kindness! By participating in this uplifting week, you‘ll
positively impact the world around you. You might also find a greater sense
of purpose and fulfillment in your own life. The journey doesn’t need to
conclude at the end of the week either. Seniors Helping Seniors® in-home
care services encourages you to keep the spirit of National Be Kind to
Humankind Week with you and find little ways to spark joy and generosity
every day!