I couldn’t be happier or more relieved about Mom’s transition to Adelaide. I am truly grateful that Alex suggested contacting SHS and equally grateful that you managed to find companions my Mom could accept. I know it wasn’t easy. Thank you again and if Mom has future needs, I will certainly be calling SHS first.

Frances, daughter of client

I wanted to thank you, Carol, and Seniors Helping Seniors for your great support when my mother was in Waltham. Her time with Carol was very supportive and valuable. She did amazingly well being able to live on her own until 101.5 years of age

Steve, son of client

It’s been so long since we’ve been able to visit because of the pandemic, so we’re even more grateful for Gerry’s connection with mom during this time. Thank you!

Chris, son of client

Couldn’t be happier with the level of care from the Seniors Helping Seniors team in Boston! They are fantastic to work with. You can tell they are very passionate about what they do.

Dustin, son of client

I would like you to know that Claire was a tremendous support and companion to my Mom. She is an excellent caregiver and is truly a remarkable individual. We were extremely fortunate that she was able to care for my Mom. She is an asset both to your company and your clients.

Victoria, daughter of a client

My aunt is thrilled to have a lovely new friend who is pleasant and caring and is highly attentive!

Phyllis, niece of client

I can’t say enough good things about this agency and the caregivers that they have. Josh, the owner, truly understands the needs of his clients and matches his caregivers to his clients. After a while my Mom went into the hospital and who showed up to see how she was doing? Josh! He has found his calling. Look no further if you need qualified professional caregivers to take care of your loved one.

Merilee, daughter of client

In my experience, we often speak politely and even generously of the good folks who provide needed services. In these experiences, I’ve rarely been inspired to sincerely praise extraordinary performance or behavior by those good folks. My 96 year old mother is ambulatory, but required transport and attendant care to twenty two Radiation Oncology treatments in the dead of winter. Lisa’s schedule coordination and information updates were perfect. Rhonda and Verene were dependable and on-time. I enjoyed meeting and speaking with them and watching them work. Both are smart, attentive to details and were very considerate of my mother’s well-being. Wonderful ladies. Good intentions are common, but excellent results are achieved by actually making them happen. Many thanks to all!

Joe, son of a client

Good people and a very obliging company to work with!

Mark, son of client

Two simple words don’t do justice to the impact you have had on our entire family, but let me convey them on behalf of my parents and siblings. Thank You! You and the entire SHS team have helped us cope, manage, and navigate an incredibly difficult and complicated time in our lives, and during a period in our country’s history when it seems all too scarce for people to pause to have empathy or compassion, you and everyone from SHS embody true humanity and the most generous souls. Our parents are in the best of hands with SHS and we are so deeply grateful.

Joshua, son of client

A very big thank you to Rachel and everyone at Seniors Helping Seniors. This has been a challenging year with COVID restrictions, but we are both grateful for the caregivers’ help in keeping Ed both physically and mentally healthy.

Debbie, family member of client

We used SHS with my grandfather when he moved into a Nursing home. His companion was so beneficial for all involved. SHS was easy to work with and they were very transparent the entire time. I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for care for their loved ones.

Jeff, grandson of client

We have used SHS for three years now for a family member at North Hill. They are prompt, professional and completely trustworthy. We’ve been pleased that the caregivers are sensitive and knowledgeable to memory loss issues of our family member. We struck gold by having Arlene provide such outstanding care, especially throughout the pandemic. She has been such a lifeline!

Nancy, cousin of client

Very happy with Josh and his team here in Boston. They have taken great care of my family member and I couldn’t be happier. I highly recommend!

Alisha, daughter of client

Seniors Helping Seniors is in a class of their own. This company is not an agency; it is an honest and caring place to find quality help you cannot find anywhere else. You are literally matched up with the person who is going to work with you. Like a dating service, if it is not a good match, you do not work together! I was shocked and delighted when Josh Obeiter, owner of Seniors Helping Seniors of Boston, came to my home for my first acquaintance with him. One does not meet someone of his caliber very often. His devotion to helping the elderly population is enormous. He is enormously likable in every way. I do not consider myself a “Senior” but I have specific needs which warrant some assistance. Josh did careful selecting and I was introduced to someone very special in my life. I look forward to the day I see her every week. I will be moving soon. If this woman does not wish to make the hike, I will be asking Josh to put on his magical matching hat again.

Jamie, SHS client

Matt has been an excellent companion. He is conscientious and prompt. He is a willing and able partner to help me with a variety of projects around the house. Matt is a good listener and also an interesting person in his own right and provides a good flow of conversation. I appreciate the care provided by Josh Obeiter to link me up with such a nice match. Thanks very much!

Jim, Client

Our primary companion has been excellent! We are very pleased with the match and would highly recommend SHS.

Brian, son of client